5 Reasons Why SEO Isn’t a One-Man Show

Late last year when Google released its Search Quality Rating Guidelines, the resource that the search engine’s human quality evaluators use to manually assess websites, our technical SEO team here at Fresh Egg duly printed it out, locked themselves in a room, and set to work dissecting the document for insights that they could apply to client strategy. Very soon the room was full of specialists from all of our digital marketing teams discussing the document. Unsurprisingly, the content of the…

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Australian Retailers Need to Step Up and Put Their Money Where the Mobiles Are

With Australian online retail spend increasing 10% annually to $16.9 billion in April 2015, versus sales growth of 5.3% in bricks and mortar retail, there’s no denying that Aussies are well and truly aboard the e-shopping band wagon. Aussie businesses, on the other hand, have been slower to throw their dollars into online platforms. This has left the digital shopping experience offered by household names such as Myer and David Jones with a lot to be desired. It’s not news…

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Go Fish: Get 30% More Conversions through User Journey Optimisation

Increased competition for online customer attention is driving brands to rethink their strategies from a focus on just growing the volume of visitors to a web property, to driving improvements in on site experience and conversion rates – and therefore ROI. Onsite and conversion rate optimisation strategies improve brand performance across all channels. For paid activity, this means a reduction in the cost per action across media, and therefore a higher return on existing ad spend. How to Multiply your…

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Google Journey to Purchase

Online to In Store; Connecting the Journey and Attributing the Conversion

The question of how online advertising is driving offline sales is not a new one. The interaction between on and offline and across devices can be clearly seen when studying the role of Google search in a journey to purchase. Google’s 2013 Mobile Planet research uncovered that after performing a location-based search on their mobiles and deciding to purchase, 27% of Australians will choose to switch to their desktops to convert, and 31% will convert in a brick and mortar…

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How to Market a Great Lover

I recently stumbled across an image that you’re very likely to have seen before – the one that depicts the difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding above. I think it was originally published in Zag. I’ve been wanting for a while to write a post on how social media feeds into many areas of a business and therefore should not be kept in a silo. This analogy seems the ideal place to start. So here is my guide to…

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The What’s Next Factor

“I’m bored with it”. Teenagers; a demographic that has truly mastered of the art of being bored. This time, it’s Facebook that has fallen from their favour. The rapid growth of the social network and its mass market adoption has left younger users with the feeling that the platform is more like an embarrassing uncle than a cool new friend. A recent report finds teens complaining that their parents are now on Facebook, and that there is too much “spam”,…

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Orders Without Borders: The Why, Where and How of International Ecommerce

The UK is one of the most internet-based economies in the world. 67% of adults purchased goods or services over the Internet in 2012, with the figure increasing to 87% for those aged 25-34. With the market for ecommerce businesses selling in the UK maturing, more and more decision makers are targeting export opportunities. Over the next few minutes I will summarise: Why international eccommerce is worth your attention Where (in which countries) you should be focusing you efforts How…

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On a Budget? SuperScrimper Infographics

The web is a very visual space. Pinterest. Instagram. Vine. Hey, even Facebook. Perusers of the World Wide Web do not want to tire themselves by reading reams of prose, we just want the pretty pictures. This is why, despite some recent opinion, I believe that infographics remain great. I don’t mean infographics shoddily hashed out in some attempt to game Google’s algorithm, I mean clear, well researched graphics that easily communicate useful information to your readers. Like the graphics…

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The Secret of Successful International SEO Campaigns

The correct implementation of multi-site international SEO can be a minefield, particularly when pages targeted to different countries are in the same language (as this can cause duplicate content issues). Stay with me for the next 5 minutes and i’ll let you into a little secret; the secret of successful international SEO set up   Domain Strategy Use folders on a strong .com TLD. For example: rather than This is because: Recent changes to the way that Google…

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SM Infographics

Top 3 Social Media Infographics

Kicking off the obligatory end of the year “best of”s, I’d like to share with you three of my favourite Social Media related infographics of 2011. So, in the words of X Factor‘s Dermot O’Leary, in no particular order, these are the infographics that i’d take through to next weeks show, were I to have one: Let’s begin with Flowtown’s “How Far does Social Advertising Reach”, a nice graphic that reinforces the idea that as consumers continue to ignore traditional…

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