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Australian Retailers Need to Step Up and Put Their Money Where the Mobiles Are

With Australian online retail spend increasing 10% annually to $16.9 billion in April 2015, versus sales growth of 5.3% in bricks and mortar retail, there’s no denying that Aussies are well and truly aboard the e-shopping band wagon. Aussie businesses, on the other hand, have been slower to throw their dollars into online platforms. This has left the digital shopping experience offered by household names such as Myer and David Jones with a lot to be desired. It’s not news…

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Go Fish: Get 30% More Conversions through User Journey Optimisation

Increased competition for online customer attention is driving brands to rethink their strategies from a focus on just growing the volume of visitors to a web property, to driving improvements in on site experience and conversion rates – and therefore ROI. Onsite and conversion rate optimisation strategies improve brand performance across all channels. For paid activity, this means a reduction in the cost per action across media, and therefore a higher return on existing ad spend. How to Multiply your…

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Orders Without Borders: The Why, Where and How of International Ecommerce

The UK is one of the most internet-based economies in the world. 67% of adults purchased goods or services over the Internet in 2012, with the figure increasing to 87% for those aged 25-34. With the market for ecommerce businesses selling in the UK maturing, more and more decision makers are targeting export opportunities. Over the next few minutes I will summarise: Why international eccommerce is worth your attention Where (in which countries) you should be focusing you efforts How…

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