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The What’s Next Factor

“I’m bored with it”. Teenagers; a demographic that has truly mastered of the art of being bored. This time, it’s Facebook that has fallen from their favour. The rapid growth of the social network and its mass market adoption has left younger users with the feeling that the platform is more like an embarrassing uncle than a cool new friend. A recent report finds teens complaining that their parents are now on Facebook, and that there is too much “spam”,…

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SM Infographics

Top 3 Social Media Infographics

Kicking off the obligatory end of the year “best of”s, I’d like to share with you three of my favourite Social Media related infographics of 2011. So, in the words of X Factor‘s Dermot O’Leary, in no particular order, these are the infographics that i’d take through to next weeks show, were I to have one: Let’s begin with Flowtown’s “How Far does Social Advertising Reach”, a nice graphic that reinforces the idea that as consumers continue to ignore traditional…

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Online Reviews: How They Can Help You Increase Sales

Word of mouth has always had a powerful influence on purchasing decisions, and it’s not hard to understand why. The growth of social media platforms that allow consumers to broadcast their reviews of products and services online has only made this influence greater, with 67% of shoppers admitting that they spend more online after recommendations from an online community of friends. An added effect of this growth is that the conversations are taking place in the public, rather than private sphere.…

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