I recently stumbled across an image that you’re very likely to have seen before – the one that depicts the difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding above. I think it was originally published in Zag. I’ve been wanting for a while to write a post on how social media feeds into many areas of a business and therefore should not be kept in a silo. This analogy seems the ideal place to start. So here is my guide to how social media should feed into all areas of the Great Lover marketing department.

Social Media in Market Research

Before you launch yourself, it is important to understand:

  • Where will you find the kind of laydeez that you’d like to introduce to your lover skills? (Which platforms do they use online?)
  • What are their interests? (What are they talking about online?)
  • From their online discussions, what can you tell about the kind of lover they are looking for and how they define great?

Social Media in Marketing

Now, use this information to position yourself as exactly the right kind of lover for them.

Perhaps you may need different packages of lover techniques to satisfy different segments of your online target market.

Social Media in PR

Once you know where your audience are, and what they like talking about, it’s time to go in. Begin engaging with your audience on their level. It is important to talk to them about things that they are interested in before trying to show them what a great lover you are.

Build trust by engaging online influencers to help spread that story. Your targets are more likely to trust what their friends say than what you say.

Social Media in Promotions

Providing special offers for those that engage with you is a great way to build a two-way relationship and work towards closing the deal. A drink or dinner? The benefit that you offer will depend on the value of the segment.

Social Media in Advertising

Amplify the voices of those that are actively talking about their experience of your great lover skills via paid media on the relevant social platforms.

Promote your social platforms in ATL campaigns. Use advertising to grow social communities, and thus your pool of potential targets.

Social Media and Branding

Brand resonance: I trust in you and in the community. WE understand that you are a great lover.