The web is a very visual space. Pinterest. Instagram. Vine. Hey, even Facebook. Perusers of the World Wide Web do not want to tire themselves by reading reams of prose, we just want the pretty pictures.

This is why, despite some recent opinion, I believe that infographics remain great. I don’t mean infographics shoddily hashed out in some attempt to game Google’s algorithm, I mean clear, well researched graphics that easily communicate useful information to your readers. Like the graphics that you find in newspapers for example. Punctuating your content with these kinds of graphics adds value for your visitors.

Now, we’d all love to have the budget to get each graphic that we place on our websites expertly crafted by a professional, but I know that this is often not possible. For this reason i’ve listed below some of my favourite free graphic creation sites.

Check out the above graphic on world ecommerce markets that we created using

Here’s my Favourite Three:

  • allows you to create your own infographics using 16 customisable infographic templates. It is very easy to use and offers a range of symbols and colour options.
  • Piktochart has a free option that gives you access to 6 basic themes, though includes Piktochart’s watermark.
  • offers various options for feeding in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Analytics data to create visuals.

Originally posted on the Make It Rain blog.